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Do you want to sell in the UK while working in another country?
We will register your business in the UK so that you can start making taxable supplies in the UK while managing your business from another country. We will act as your tax representative and you will receive a prestigious London registered office address where all communications from HMRC and Companies House will go. 

Do you provide distance selling or online services to and from the United Kingdom?
- to the UK: if you work without being physically present in the UK, for instance through e-commerce websites, you may escape UK taxation. Contact us and find out the advantages of having multiple fiscal establishments. When you sell to other businesses you may need to register for VAT in the UK.
- from the UK: check if you have to register for VAT in the country you provide your distance selling. 
- are you based in Italy? We assist you in the compilation of your Italian tax return and include any dividends received from Companies based in the United Kingdom, temporary work in English soil and distance selling profits. 
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Via delle Orchidee 4,
60019 Senigallia, ANCONA, ITALY


Selling via telephone and digitally
If you own a call centre business, sell services via a computer or television, there are some VAT rules you need to follow in the country where those services are directed. We represent your business both in the United Kingdom and Italy. Contact us

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